Wednesday, 22 March 2017

An Outing with RJ... Lynde Shores CA
March 22nd, 2017

My last post disappeared. I know it was up for a while because a few of you commented on it. I haven't been able to resurrect it. I think it's in a black hole somewhere between here and the Andromeda Galaxy. So goes technology.

I finally got out with my camera again... in nature, with my 7-yr old grandson RJ. It doesn't get much better than that for me. We went to Chickadee Trail to feed the Chickadees. RJ loves it, so do I. Turned out only one Chickadee showed up. The rest had been well fed by others before us, so most had full bellies and were off in the woods having a snooze I expect.

This is the one and only Chickadee. But one is better than none.

But the overfed Chickadees were more than made for by the ducks & geese. Many adults have qualms about feeding the geese from their hands, but RJ is ok with it.

There were dozens there. RJ found a walking stick early in our visit and occasionally handed it to me to care for it. He kept checking to make sure I had it.

Now & then you see a racoon at Lynde Shores. Blue eyes? No flash. Reflection of the bright blue sky?

'Joe  Cool'... without trying to be. I just caught him relaxing.

He carved his initials with his walking stick, and added a smiley.

Climbable trees & young boys seem to be a natural. I climbed my share in my younger days. RJ liked the natural curve in his walking stick.

This modern age. We called Nan to let her know what we were up to.

RJ spotted the turkeys before I did. Always nice to see. They hang out here all the time. There are a couple dozen of them in the flock. Numbers vary depending on the day. I love the coloring of their feathers when the light strikes them.


RJ likes forts & huts. This was a hut. Not sure why. He added one post to the fence and it became his hut.

Then we came across this huge one constructed by who knows who. 

There were a couple smaller ones in the area so he wanted to build one of his own.

I sat on a log nearby for a half-hour or so while he built it. He just loved it.

This larger log was a cannon he said. To protect his hut?

He then suggested it could be a bazooka. I try not to rush him. I did eventually suggest we move on, otherwise he may have been there until dark. We're going to check on our next visit to see if his hut is still there.

More ducks & geese were waiting for us.

He said the duck tickled him.

He tried petting the ducks.

A goose 'bit' him he said. It didn't deter him though. He said they were like his pets. I explained to him that they don't mean to bite... it's partly how you hold your hand as you feed them.

He's done this before with Chickadees and had them feed from his stomach. The ducks & geese were too nervous to though.

It was a wonderful day. I love that RJ enjoys nature. As much as I hate to ask him to 'come along', eventually I 'have to'. We were there a good 2 hours, and the Chickadee Trail is only a few 100 yards long. He loved it. I loved it too, all the moreso because I was able to share it with him. 

Two of my greatest loves are nature and my grandson. I feel very privileged & lucky to be able to share nature with RJ.

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